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Transit & Transfer


1) Transit Service

The Airport Transit Desk is located at Area E1 and M1 on the Arrival Level. Please approach the transfer desk at least 40 minutes before the departure time for check in procedure.


2) Through Check-In Service

As a courtesy, Hong Kong Airlines will through-check you and your bags to your final destination if you are travelling on same ticket with our interline partner or separate tickets involving connections operated by Hong Kong Airlines.

According to IATA’s regulation, it is not necessary for airlines to provide baggage through check-in service to a passenger’s final destination when he/she is holding separate tickets. If there are 2 separate tickets, then there are 2 separate contracts of carriage. There are airlines announced that they will not provide baggage through check-in service for separate tickets. Hong Kong Airlines will tag your baggage to the destination of the Hong Kong Airlines ticket(s) ONLY. When you arrive at the airport, please claim your baggage and go to next carrier’s check-in counter for recheck-in. Thank you for your understanding.

For passengers who travel with other airlines and hold separate tickets (one is by piece concept and the other is by weight concept), the baggage allowance as ticket shown should be applied separately.


3) Shenzhen International Airport/Kingley Banner Centre Check-in Service

Passengers flying with Hong Kong Airlines are privileged to enjoy upstream check-in and have your boarding pass issued at Shenzhen International Airport(SZIA)/Kingley Banner Centre for flights departing from Hong Kong, before taking cross-boundary land transport to Hong Kong Interantional Airport.


Shenzhen International Airport#

  • Passengers who take transit buses departing from Shenzhen International Airport may pick up their boarding pass right at the Shenzhen International Airport and check-in their baggage at Hong Kong Airlines counter at T1 Aisle K in the Hong Kong International Airport upon their arrival at Hong Kong.
#Transit time: 180 minutes (from transit bus departure time to flight scheduled departure time) 


Shenzhen Kingley Banner Centre#

  • Passengers can check in and have their boarding pass issued at Shenzhen Kingley Banner Centre for flights departing from Hong Kong. Upon arriving at Hong Kong International Airport, proceed to T1 Aisle K for baggage check-in.
#Transit time: 150 minutes (time to arrive at the check-in counter prior to flight scheduled departure time)



4) Macau & Pearl River Delta(PRD) Ferry Terminal

To correspond to Pearl River Delta (PRD) Transportation Developments, the ‘Air to Sea’ and ‘Sea to Air’ Upstream Baggage Tag Through Services are implemented at the SkyPier of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

Passenger travel with Hong Kong Airlines can connect and enjoy check-in services at below nine ports:

  1. 1. Dongguan Humen
  2. 2. Macao(Maritime Ferry Terminal)
  3. 3. Macao(Taipa)
  4. 4. Shenzhen Fuyong
  5. 5. Shenzhen Shekou
  6. 6. Zhongshan
  7. 7. Zhuhai Jiuzhou
  8. 8. Guangzhou Lianhuashan
  9. 9. Guangzhou Nansha

Ferry services connecting between Hong Kong International Airport and Pearl River Delta are quick and convenient with departures from the airport approximately 9:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m.

Details of the SKYPier service



Boarding Requirements

Passengers should possess the following documents before boarding:

Air - Sea Transfer


  • Valid ferry ticket which can be purchased at Air/Sea Transfer Desk,located at Level 5 of the Passenger Terminal Building, HKIA
  • Valid passport and visa for the intended destinations
Sea - Air Transfer



  • Valid ferry ticket
  • Valid air ticket with confirmed seat for same-day departure
  • Valid passport and visa for intended deestinations/onward destinations