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  Hong Kong Airlines’ brand new VIP lounge “Club Autus” delivers maximum comfort during your travels and showcases the very best of Hong Kong

Club Autus temporarily closed from 18 February 2020 until further notice


Every day, travellers from all corners of the globe pass through the bustling passenger terminal of Hong Kong International Airport in order to embark on the next stage of their travels. Hong Kong Airlines’ new “Club Autus” lounge provides road warriors with some much needed respite, affording them a rich transit experience that also celebrates the local culture of Hong Kong, Asia’s World City.


The design concept: From imagination to reality: a mini version of Hong Kong


A full-service airline with its roots in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Airlines is committed to showcasing the spirit of its modern, cosmopolitan and dynamic home city, by bringing its best qualities to the skies and providing passengers with an “authentic Hong Kong” experience. The development of “Club Autus” reflects this ambition, boasting a design that takes travellers on a journey that transcends imagination to reality, and offering an experience that embraces the very best of Hong Kong. From the moment they step into the lounge, travellers are enveloped in the warmth and familarity of home.


The name “Autus” means “growth” in Latin. This perfectly reflects what the lounge offers: its decor, culinary choices and traveller services begin with a solid foundation but are then elevated to a new level of luxury, tranquillity and sophistication. The lounge incorporates natural elements including  earth, grass, trees, and an endless stream of flowing water. Inspired by nature, every feature of the interiors is designed to evoke a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere,  while reflecting Hong Kong’s spirit of growth and exploration. The design of “Club Autus” offers an artistic interpretation of Hong Kong’s century-long development, which saw it transform from a small fishing village into “Asia’s World City”.


The reception area: Putting on the city’s “evening makeup”


Hong Kong’s vibrant and dynamic evening skyline is renowned all over the world. Neon lights on both sides of the iconic Victoria Harbour illuminate the city, bestowing upon it legendary status. Dynamism exudes in every facet of the city, and “Club Autus” successfully captures Hong Kong’s never-ending drive for progress. Upon approaching the reception area, visitors will immediately notice the dazzling back wall, which features projections of 10 prominent streets in Hong Kong. Rotating on a loop, each conveys a different theme, and helps create poignant postcards of the sleepless city, captivating and charming travellers from around the world.



Recreating the joys of home through colour


There is no better feeling when you find yourself wrapped in the warm embrace of your loved ones at home, following a hard day’s work. The interior design of Club Autus evokes the warmth of domestic bliss by cleverly employing the natural palette of wood, a material beloved by Hong Kongers. Local interior design brand, Greenology has outfitted the lounge with furnishings dressed in a variety of neutral hues to create an inviting, home-like atmosphere. This is complemented by forest-green coloured walls, which provide a refreshing, nature-like environment backdrop. Regardless of where you come from, you’ll feel the warmth of home whenever you visit Club Autus.



The lounge also features several unique touches that enhance its cosy, comfortable and intimate atmosphere, including the generous use of rustic furniture and puppy accents.


Premier zone: Elegant European style


Hong Kong is an international metropolis where East meets West. The city is home to many European-style buildings, which inspired Club Autus’ designer to dress the premier zone in a Western European style. Fully enclosed lampshades not only generate strong, diffuse light but the contrast between bright and dim helps showcase the modest, refined style of the pillars. Large, vintage sofas complete the simple and unadorned look, allowing travellers to experience the Western aspect of modern Hong Kong.



Hong Kong’s creative culture is well-known around the world. Iconic cultural products, including famous Cantonese songs produced under the partnership of Dr. Joseph Koo and Dr. James Wong, as well as movies directed by Wong Kar-Wai, are all treasured by Chinese communities all around the world. The premier zone features an array of authentic exhibits including film rolls, spotlights, camera lens and music score stands. These add character and elegance to the space, while also transporting travellers back in time to Hong Kong’s golden age of cinema.




Resting area: Ergonomic chairs for better rest



The ergonomic chairs in the resting area of “Club Autus” are designed to help keep the human body in the right balance, with the right support. Travellers can take naps comfortably on these chairs and embark on their next journey feeling refreshed and energised.



Awakening the senses with a diverse range of flavours


Hong Kong’s diverse culture is best reflected in its culinary offerings * . Hong Kongers love eating and the city is a veritable melting pot of world cuisine, with delights for every taste and budget. Whether it is a gourmet dish or a common snack, the robust character of different cuisines is tasted in every Hong Kong dish. The crunchy and refreshing spinach noodles and Japanese-style miso soup Udon noodles at the noodle bar excites and gratifies the taste buds to leave a distinctively Asian taste in the memories of travellers.


Inside “Club Autus”, travellers can sample authentic Hong Kong cuisine without having to hurry around street corners. The 20-metre long food line offers a diverse array of delicacies. Not to be missed is the renowned Hong Kong-style milk tea, which originated from English breakfast tea during the days of British colonial rule. A small silver spoon stirs up a sense of grassroots unity and harmony in addition to a rich tea fragrance. Other popular street food favourites, including the made-to-order chargrilled egg puff awaken unique memories of Hong Kong’s past through taste.


The lounge offers several unique juice cocktails for every season  and it also  partners with a local modern tea bar to offer special blends of tea beverages.



The pursuit of perfection


A relentless attention to detail is what turns a good lounge into an exceptional one. The thoughtful design of Club Autus reflects the outstanding services offered at the lounge, and displays Hong Kong’s unique international character. Genuine Hong Kong hospitality is evident in every element of the lounge.


A: Heart-warming facilities


Club Autus has breastfeeding rooms that deliver a high-level of privacy, enabling mothers to breastfeed their babies in peace and comfort. There are also tables for changing diaper, baby carriages where infants can sleep comfortably. Toilets and showering facilities for disabled travellers are also available, reflecting the lounge’s inclusive policy.


Recognising the different needs of men and women, the lounge offers thoughtful design elements for each toilet, including brighter lighting for the ladies so women who so desire can groom themselves at the strategically angled sinks and mirrors. The gentlemen’s toilet is slightly dimmer and is installed with round sinks and mirrors for a softer touch. In turn, this distinction reflects the Chinese belief of yin and yang.


B. Family fun zone


The family zone is a space filled with love and warmth. The toys and decorations excel in their simplicity. Colourful wooden horses create a playground atmosphere, while cushions and the specially-manufactured floor mats ensure children play joyfully. There are also workstations where parents are free to play with their children, while remaining productive at work.



C. Scenery zone


The enormous floor-to-ceiling windows at the viewing gallery offer travellers breath-taking views of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, as well as the planes bearing the “flying dragon” emblem. Lucky travellers can also catch mesmerising views of the sunset during the evenings.



“Where Hong Kong Begins”


Relax and rejuvenate at Club Autus before embarking on your next journey. Even as you’re travelling at 30,000 feet, and arriving in another part of the world, the time you spent at Club Autus will remain firmly in your memory. This is “Where Hong Kong Begins”. Waiting for a flight now is now a genuinely pleasant experience with Club Autus offering you a unique Hong Kong airport lounge experience!



Address:  7/F, Midfield Concourse, Hong Kong International Airport

Opening hours: 6AM - 1:30AM daily #


* The lounge will arrange for various meals to be served at different times

# Limited service will be provided during the late-night hours





Hong Kong Airlines Out-station Lounge Information





Mainland China

Hangzhou (HGH)

VIP Lounge

3rd Floor, International Departure Level

Chongqing (CKG)

International First & 

Business Class Lounge

Between Gate H5 & H6, Departure Level

Chengdu (CTU)

 First Class lounge

Near Gate 101, Departure Level

Haikou (HAK)

First lounge

2nd Floor, International Departure Level

Nanchang (KHN)

VIP Lounge

 Near Gate 101, Departure Level

Guiyang (KWE)

First-Class Lounge

       After Immigration, Departure Level, T1

Nanjing (NKG)

First class V7 lounge 

2nd Floor, Terminal 2

Beijing (PEK)

1) BGS Premier Lounge


2) HNA Club

1) Near Gate 5, Departure Level, Terminal 2


2) Near Gate 12, Departure Level, Terminal 2

Shanghai Pudong (PVG)



Near Gate 77, Departure Leverl, Terminal 2

Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA)

V01 VIP Lounge

4th floor, Departure Level

Sanya  (SYX)

First Class lounge

After Immigration, Departure Level, 

International Terminal

Taiwan, China

Taipei  (TPE)


4th Floor, Departure Level


Bangkok  (BKK)

Miracle Lounge

1) Concourse A Block 2, Level 3 (East Side)  First Class & Business Class (Shower rooms and Smoking room available)


2) Concourse C Level 3 (East Side) - First Class & Business Class


3) Concourse D Level 3 opposite Gate D5 - Business Class (Shower rooms and Smoking room available)


4) Concourse D Level 3 opposite Gate D6 - First Class (Shower rooms and Smoking room available)


5) Concourse F Level 3 (West Side) - Business Class


6) Concourse G Level 3 (West Side) - First Class


7) Concourse G Level 3 opposite Gate G2 (West Side) - Business Class (Shower rooms and Smoking room available) 


8)  Concourse G Level 4 opposite Gate G2 (West Side) - First Class (Shower rooms and Smoking room available) 

Denpasar  (DPS)


2nd Floor, Departure Level

Hanoi  (HAN)


Near Gate 31, Departure Level

Seoul  (ICN)

Asiana lounge

 1. 4th Floor, West side fo Main Terminal


2. 4th Floor, West side of Concourse 

Tokyo (Narita) (NRT)

Narita Premier Lounge

Terminal 1 in front of gate 15

Osaka  (KIX)

Asuka Lounge, North side

North wing , Departure Level, Terminal 1

Sapporo  (CTS)

Royal Lounge

4th floor, Departure Level


Terms and Conditions of Hong Kong Airlines VIP Lounges

  1.   1. By accessing Hong Kong Airlines (“HKA”) VIP Lounges (“Lounge”), you shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

  2. 2. Passengers holding the followings are eligible to access the lounges “Club Bauhinia”  located at Hong Kong International Airport:-

    1.    a. HKA Business Class passengers (excluding redemption tickets and involuntary upgraded passengers);

    2.    b. Platinum, Gold and Silver members of Fortune Wings Club (“FWC”);

    3.    c. Travel companion(s) of FWC’s Platinum and Gold members;

    4.    d. CCB (Asia) HKA Fly Away Credit Card principal cardholders and their accompanying guest(s);

    5.    e. ICBC HKA Platinum Visa Card principal cardholders, supplementary cardholders and their accompanying guest (s);

    6.    f. HKA VIP Lounge Invitation Letter holder;

    7.    g. HKA VIP Lounge Voucher holder; or

    8.    h. HKA VIP Lounge E-Voucher holder.

    Remarks: Options a to h are not applicable to codeshare flights. Only passengers holding tickets for departure flights operated by Hong Kong Airlines are allowed to enter the lounges.

  3. 3. FWC’s Platinum member may bring 2 travel companions whilst FWC’s Gold member may bring 1 travel companion to the Lounge. Travel companion(s) of FWC member(s) must travel on the same flight(s) with the FWC member(s). For details, please visit

    [!dispatchModule.action?menuId=711&country_code=HK&request_locale=en_HK ].

  4. 4. CCB (Asia) HKA Fly Away Credit Card cardholder can use HKA VIP Lounge from 06:00 to 23:59. Cardholders can enjoy HKA VIP Lounge for no longer than 4 hours each time. At 23:59, even passenger cannot enjoy all 4 hours of lounge service, 1 time of usage is counted. Cardholders shall refer to the VIP Lounge Access guide at [!searchByMenuId.action? ].

  5. 5. ICBC HKA Platinum Visa Card cardholders can use HKA VIP Lounge from 06:00 to 23:59. Cardholders can enjoy HKA VIP Lounge for no longer than 4 hours each time. At 23:59, even passenger cannot enjoy all 4 hours of lounge service, 1 time of usage is counted. Cardholders shall refer to the VIP Lounge Access guide at [!searchByMenuId.action? ].

  6. 6. HKA VIP Lounge Invitation Letter and HKA VIP Lounge Voucher are non-transferrable, non-refundable, non-salable, and non-redeemable for cash. Passengers holding the above mentioned documents may enjoy a one-time 4 hours of lounge service during the VIP lounge operating hours. If the holder of Lounge Invitation Letter and/or VIP Lounge Voucher cannot enjoy all 4 hours of lounge service, 1 time of usage will still be counted. HKA reserves the right to request passengers to show travel documents for verification.

  7. 7. HKA VIP Lounge e-Voucher holders shall refer to the terms and conditions at

    [!toResponseVipTicketRulePage.action?vipTicketRuleId=301578550&vipId=GB001 ].

  8. 8. Passenger is required to present a valid HKA boarding pass together with relevant documents (such as FWC membership card, CCB (Asia) HKA Fly Away Credit Card, ICBC HKA Platinum Visa Card, Lounge Invitation Letter, Lounge Voucher and Lounge e-Voucher) for verification purposes in accessing the Lounge. The name appeared on the relevant documents must be the same as boarding pass.

  9. 9. The flight departure date as shown on the boarding pass presented by the passenger shall be the same date of entry to the Lounge.

  10. 10. Lounge access is not available for special flights, chartered flights or code-share flights.

  11. 11. Infant passenger aged below 2 and holding valid boarding pass for departure flights operated by Hong Kong Airlines (not applicable to codeshare flights) should be granted access to Lounge only with his/her accompany adult(s) who also satisfied with the eligibility of entry to Lounge.

  12. 12. Child aged 2 or above and below 12, and holding valid boarding pass for departure flights operated by Hong Kong Airlines (not applicable to codeshare flights) is regarded as an adult and he/she may enjoy Lounge services subject to the eligibility of entry to Lounge.

  13. 13. The opening hours of Lounge are from 06:00 a.m. to 01:30 a.m. The latest admission time is [12:59 a.m.]. Services may be limited during the late-night hours, and are subject to availability and first-come-first-served basis.

  14. 14. Every lounge access quota shall be used for 1 entry in 1 lounge only. If any guest accesses both lounges on the same date, 2 times of usage shall be counted.

  15. 15. The scope and availability of Lounge services may vary from time to time during opening hours. Please contact Lounge staff for more details.

  16. 16. Passenger shall ensure a suitable environment is maintained in the Lounge including but not limited to keeping the Lounge clean and tidy.

  17. 17. HKA reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

  18. 18. In the event of any dispute regarding any of the Terms and Conditions, the decision of HKA shall be final.

  19. 19. Nothing in the Terms and Conditions shall confer any third party rights or benefits.

  20. 20. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English and Chinese versions of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

  21. 21. The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.